Foundations of Forest Schools

With Sarah Blackwell

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Train with the most qualified and experienced master coaches in the world who will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to create and deliver your own Forest Schools programmes in your own setting.
An Introduction
Begin your introduction to Forest Schools with Forest Schools Education Founder, Sarah Blackwell, who will guide you through the important fundational aspects of Forest Schools and it's application to the educational environment.
Work Through The Online Video Course
Work through the video training and resource materials designed to take you through the important elements that create the Forest Schools approach.
Join Our Development Group
Join our group of Forest School experts and trainees just like yourself, ask questions, join live classes and question sessions, get free resources and videos to help you along your journey.
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By the time you have completed your life-changing Introduction to the Foundations and Ethos of Forest School course, you will be all set to start the Level 3 Leaders Training. Here you will have already learnt the basics and now, it time to go on and learn how to create and deliver your own long-term Inspirational, Aspirational and Transformational Forest Schools programmes in your own setting as a fully-qualified Forest Schools Leader.
We will give you all the knowledge, skills and confidence to change the lives of those around you. 
We look forward to supporting you on the First Steps of your Journey, Here, Now.
Put your career on a new, natural path.
"I have been a teacher on and off since the mid 1980's and have always struggled with the overemphasis successive governments place on testing, targets, measurement, conformity etc. The week I spent with Paul and my fellow Level 3 trainees was the most rewarding educational experience I have had in many a long year. The ethos of forest school is what I believe Education should and can be and everyone deserves to experience it!"
Kate Shaw
Forest Schools Trainee
"Forest School had been an interest for a while and took the plunge in April. The induction week was the most motivating and inspirational week I have ever had in my career. Every aspect was was wonderfully communicated. I left to continue my Forest School journey feeling well supported and very enthused with the whole concept and ethos. I feel like I had almost had a personal therapy session myself to help me reflect and review my own practice!"
Julian Sandford
Forest Schools Trainee
"There is something naturally magical and wonderful about being in the forest. what it brings to your sense of self. A calmness, lots of creativity, peace, harmony, balance and an inner wonder for its nature. Everything about being in the woodland has a positive effect. Training with Forest Schools Education, Archimedes unlocks the door and the doors fling wide open to show the teaching and learning that can take place. For everyone willing."
Catherine Turner
Forest Schools Trainee
"All I can say is I loved my Forest School training, The trainers are soooo inspirational the knowledge they give you helps you understand where they are coming from and what they want you to pass on. And the group I was in we turn into a supportive group we helped each other through everything. It's the best training course I've been on ever it was fun, practical, hard working and lots of learning :-) and im glad I decided to do Forest School as my career"
Natalie Elbrow
Forest Schools Trainee
Who is the course for?
  • Anyone in a facilitating teaching or mentoring role with babies, early years, young children, adolescents , young people or NEETS.
  •  Anyone in social care: those responsible for mentoring young mothers, and young fathers, – families
  •  Those in special needs forums: ASD learning disability, mental health, social care , adopters, adoptees.
  •  Educators – teachers, TA’s caretakers and dinner/break staff.
  •  Forestry and countryside workers: social forestry and educational groups.
  •  Homeschoolers and Unschoolers
What will you learn?
The Foundation in Forest Schools course will introduce you to the concepts covered in greater details on next steps of your journey, The Forest Schools Leader Training. The Level 3 Course will allow you to set up and deliver long term forest Schools Programmes, all based on up-to-date research surrounding aspects of:
  • Child development
  •  Personal development
  •  Neuro-science
  •  Educational theory
  •  Woodland conservation and recreation
  •  Innovative and therapeutic theory in the outdoors
  •  Risk assessments to enable safe outdoor play and education
See how the Forest School model will change the way you teach forever.